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Non-woven fabric products:

一、Houseware series:
1.靜電除塵拖把(Dusting Mop)
2.靜電除塵紙(Dusting Wiper)
3.靜電除塵手套(Dusting Mitts)
4.濕式地板亮光布(Floor Wet Polishing Wiper)
5.濕式廚房亮光布(Wet Kitchen Wiper)
6.傢俱皮革亮光布(Furniture & Leather Wiper)
7.萬用防霉抗菌抹布(Anti-bacterial Kitchen Wiper)
8.靜電空氣濾網(Air Conditioner Filter)
9.超細纖維光學擦拭布(Micro-fiber Cleaning Cloth)
11.玻璃除霧亮光布(Wet glasses wiper)
12.3D立體除塵紙(3D Multi-layer dusting wiper)

二、Baby Wipes-mouse only series:
1.隨身包潔膚濕巾(Wet Tissues-Potable Pack)
2.攜帶型嬰兒濕巾(Baby Wipes-Travel Pack)
3.家用型嬰兒濕巾(Baby Wipes-Big Pack)
4.盒裝嬰兒濕巾(Baby Wipes With Box)
5.乾式嬰兒免洗毛巾(Dry baby disposable towel)
6.嬰兒洗澡泡泡巾(Baby Wipes with foam)
7.嬰兒免洗圍兜兜(Baby Disposable Bib)
8.壓縮旅遊毛巾(Pressed magic towel)
9.嬰兒防漏淋膜床墊(Bed Pad for Baby)
10.新型專利濕巾(Patented for baby wipers' sticker)

三、Cosmetics series:
1.美容化粧棉(Make-up Puff)
2.深層卸粧棉(Wet Make-up removal tissues)
3.美容潔面布(Facial wipe with clearing foam)
4.乾式面膜、眼膜(Beauty mask for eye-dry type)
5.壓縮面膜(pressed Beauty Mask)
6.美容面膜(Wet Beauty Mask)
    (Moisture,white and Remove Pucker)
7.女性美容濕巾(Beauty Wet Tissues)
8.超細纖維美容巾(Beauty Wiper of Micro-fiber)
9.美容淋膜床墊(Bed Pad for Salon)
10.美容洗臉紗市(Beauty Clearing Gauzy Wiper)