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Frequently Asked Questions:
Why would our wet wipes turn yellow after a short period?
It’s very basic “Oxidation Effect”, generally wet wipes are made of natural rayon, and its exposure to air cause oxidation. Natural rayon tends to turn yellow once faced oxidation like a regular apple would. Even though some products use chemicals like bleach or antioxidants to slow or eliminate oxidation effect, but we believe in providing the most natural and healthy products instead of preserving the color.
Why are our wet wipes so much moister than the others?
Although wet wipes are multi-functional whether in traveling, camping, in-car, or dinning. But their main focus should be the application on infants, and since their skins are so sensitive, especially to poops during diaper changes. With more moisture, the wiping could be done easily to avoid any allergy or diaper rash. Even though the extra moisture costs more, we just wouldn’t compromise on quality.
Why would the sealing tape come off with just one ripe?
Our baby wipe is meant to function with the specially designed cover (must be purchased separately), which is both easy to use and reusable. The sealing comes off with one ripe because it has to be entirely open for the cover to function properly. But we do make the tape much lengthier than the sealing itself to prevent any miss-ripping.

What is Propylene Glycol? How is it? Do our wet wipes contain any?
Propylene Glycol is a widely used humectant. Its general purpose is to keep things moist after wiping. But it also causes burning feel and allergy especially to whom with sensitive skin. We use only natural moisture, so you could stay away from these harmful effects.
Why can’t our wet wipes be drawn continuously?
In general, people prefer wipes which can be drawn continuously. But there’re cases which children miss-draw the entire package out of curiosity. So we specially left gaps from wipes to wipe to interrupt drawing and therefore prevent wasting. But we also offer a patented signifying line in the center of those gaps, so you could go on drawing intended in a breeze.

What if two or three wipes are sticking together?
Our wipes are designed to be moister than regular ones to ensure thorough cleaning especially on infants. The high moisture causes stickiness then it becomes difficult to draw wipe individually. No problem! Just simply draw at an angle (see the picture below) instead of straight up, the wipes would split up easily.
Why do the prices of wet wipes vary so greatly?
There are plenty of factors determining the cost of wet wipes like material quality, packaging size, and thickness. We offer wet wipe in different packaging sizes from just one to a hundred in exact same quality, which is superior in many areas like size, tenderness, and thickness. Just as an old saying “you get what you pay for”. Our price may not be the lowest, but we do provide excellent value to our customers.
Why do others use aluminum foil packaging but we use plastic instead?
There are some advantages of aluminum foil, like it provides high-barrier when sealed properly. But it also has weakness especially easily cracked around the corner. Once cracked, the wipes soon lose the moisture and dry out. With our composite plastic packaging, its toughness makes sure our wipes are better conserved and stay moist.
Could I remove tongue coating with your wet wipes? Some similar products claimed to be suitable.
There are more or less chemicals in regular wet wipes, although we use only antibacterial agent in our formula, which should be safer than regular wipes. But for the sensitive body parts like tongue or eyes, we strongly suggest you try another product of ours, wet baby towel. They are manufactured with sterile process for high safety and hygiene.
Why do our wet wipes smell?
Our wet wipes are made of fiber, pure water, and antibacterial agent. The smell is subjective and the perception may vary from person to another. But since we don’t add any artificial smell to the wipes, the most likely source of the smell is natural rayon. Oimo Industry has supplied wet wipes to many well-known enterprise, not only we acquired national CNS certification. Our supplier of rayon is also recognized internationally with FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Coucil, FSCTM).

Why are our wet wipes so much moister than the others?
Although wet wipes can be multi-functional likes in traveling, camping, in-car, or simply dinning. But their main focuses should be the application on infants since their skins is so sensitive especially to poops during diaper changes. With more moisture, the wiping could be done easily to avoid any allergy or diaper rash. 

Questions List
Is “Dust-Free 3D Micro Fiber” mop reusable?
Yes it is. Just a quick rinse with hands, you could keep using it as regular mop.
What’s the difference between “Dust-Free Fluffy” and regular paper mop? Is it washable?
Regular paper mop is like the sandpaper, it leaves mark on the floor after few scrubs. “Dust-Free Fluffy” mop is made of over 190,000 electrostatic fibers, not only it doesn’t hurt floor, but absorb dusts, hairs, bread crumbs, and even mites. It’s also reusable after few rubs with hands in water.
Why would the scrubber flip over while applying pressure?
The scrubber of “Dust-Free Fluffy” would flip over because the pressure was applied incorrectly or at wrong angle. Ideally, you scrub with the pole approximately 60 degrees to the floors, and move the scrubber in S shape along the floor, that way you don’t even have to bend. We also designed the patented locks for securing the mop on the scrubber without hurting your fingers.