3 Major Guarantees:
  1. Made in Taiwan guaranteed.
  2. Made of medical grade pure water guaranteed.
  3. ISO 9001 Certified for High Quality Assurance guaranteed.
Origin of Ideas:
  1. As long as you have “Dust-Free”, you are trouble-free. Inspired by an Chinese saying “As long as there’s a will, there’s a way”
  2. “There’s a will” is replaced by “You have ‘Dust-Free’”.
  3. “There’s a way” is replaced by “you are trouble-free”
  4. Just as the person with strong will achieves anything. Getting rid of dust may be a tough task. But with “Dust-Free”, you would too have no trouble doing so.
Our History
On Dec. 1999, we created “Dust-Free” Cleaning Series making customers clean effectively and their homes truly dust-free.
On Jan. 2001, we officially registered the brand “Dust-Free”.
In 2005, we created the slogan ‘With “Dust-Free”, your room will be dust-free.’
In 2008, we created the slogan ‘As long as you have “Dust-Free”, you are trouble-free’.
2009, we began a series of ad campaigns on TVs, Buses, and Packages.
On Apr. 2012, we created “Dust-Free” Caring 100 Series.
By Dec. 2012, we registered over 300 patents in cleaning innovation, and counting.
“House Cleaner” cleans your house.
“House Cleaner” cares for you.
With the exclusive technology of “Dust-Free”, cleaning has never been faster, easier, and joyful. Enjoy life, Use “Dust-Free”.
“Happy Wipes” makes everything going right.